Advocacy in Thimphu Dzongkhag

RSPCA completed the advocacy on Animal Welfare Awareness and Waste Management programme in Thimphu Dzongkhag. We covered 11 Schools (Yangchen Ghasel MSS, Hontsho PS, Debsi HS, Kuzhugchen MSS, Khasadrapchu MSS, Sisina PS, Bjimina PS, Tshaluna PS, Yum Thuji Zam Charity PS, Wangbama CS and Genekha LSS).

Total of 3,436 students and teachers were sensitized. RSPCA would like to thank the Dzongkhag Education Officer(DEO) for Madam's strong and continuous support throughout the advocacy, NEC and Jangsa. All the teachers and students for giving us your valuable time.

An Auspicious New Year for RSPCA

The RSPCA took off to a wonderful start with the Royal Patron GyalyumAshiTsheringYangdönWangchuck granting an audience to the team of RSPCA, its Board Members and the staffs of National Animal Hospital (NAH) whom we work closely with.

As an appreciation for all of their services, we presented the staffs of NAH and RSPCA with rain guard suits. The rain guards were purchased in bulk from Nepal with the support of WTG.

A jacket with both RSPCA and WTG logo was also presented to Gyalyum and the Board Members. Gyalyum shared tea and snacks with the team and expressed her appreciation for everyone’s commitments towards Animal Welfare.

Newspaper Coverage

With the start of the year, RSPCA’s activities were covered in the media, one in the national newspaper;

  • Kuensel


  • Bhutan Times


RSCPA launches its website:

After months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially announce our website Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors an easier way to learn about the Royal Society for Protection & Care of Animals and also to allow them to browse information based on their own choice. The new website comes with a fresh look and is interactive and informative.

Formation of Animal Lovers Club

At Thimphu Primary School

We are so excited to have finally made the first step towards forming an ‘Animal Lovers Club’ and would like to thank Thimphu Primary School for the wonderful opportunity. The RSPCA team met with 33 energetic students between the ages of 9 to 11, who all registered for different programs and activities of RSPCA (Membership, Adoption, Foster and Sponsorship among other activities).
Such a wonderful start to our project!! And with so many animal lovers, we couldn’t have picked a better group to start with.  Thank you Madam Yeatoeh Penjore for all your help.
Such a great response from the kids. 

RSPCA visited Early Learning Centre, Thimphu to set up an ‘Animal Lovers Club’ and it couldn’t have gone better for us.  
We met with the students of class 5 and 6, a group of 37 enthusiastic students who are extremely passionate about animal welfare in particular and social responsibility in general. We are very grateful to Ms. Karma Doma Tshering (Madam Kueron) for the wonderful opportunity and for introducing us to this young group that are animal advocates in making and are going to make a difference in the lives of needy animals. 
The response from the children were amazing, they had great ideas and suggestions which are definitely going down in our activities list. 

At ELC School

Students from Thimphu Primary School visits the "House of Downtrodden" for a tour.

On Wednesday, the 9th of May 2018, 20 students and 2 teachers from Thimphu Primary Schools took time out of their schedule to tour our RSPCA shelter. During this time, the students took this opportunity to spend quality time with our animals. The students were highly inquisitive about the animals and the programs at RSPCA. We are excited to make it a weekly event and have them every Wednesday as a part of their club day!

Formation of Our Club at ELC High School

On the 15th of May 2018, RSPCA was warmly invited by ELC High School to talk about our work and passion for animals.  Welcomed by 72 students and 11 teachers, it was a joy to see the school as an entity embrace the love for animals and has also adopted a few dogs at their school. We were warmed and encouraged that Madam Deki and her students were very much interested in our work.

Some words from Madam Tashi, the ED and founder of RSPCA that capture and represent our work.

“You learn -from animals, you learn to take care for somebody else apart from yourself. You learn to be a responsible citizen. You learn the joy of giving”

We would like to thank ELC High School for giving us an opportunity to educate and hopefully inspire young, budding animal lovers who can bring change. We hope to work with ELC again and see an animal lovers club at their school in the near future! 

Emma And Her Pet Project

We would like to thank Emma Leaenne from Singapore, a genuine animal lover and a passionate advocator, and also one of our youngest and most active volunteer for her generous donation of Nu.58,500/- to RSPCA Animal Welfare Centre on 23rd of May.

The money was raised from her “Pet Project” which was initiated for the stray dogs in Bhutan. The project will focus on quality management for the strays in Bhutan. She aims to bring awareness about the importance of sterilization.

She is raising funds from various sources and even from overseas and she hopes to help raise awareness to this issue. Such an inspiring story. J Thank you!

Emma wishes to come back to Bhutan again and lend a helping hand to RSPCA.

Shelter Renovation

The RSPCA Shelter is finally going under renovation. Currently we have completed fencing the surrounding area and cementing the kitchen area.  The contractors are now working on building the parking lot and fixing the drainage system.

Sterilization Of New Member dogs at the Shelter- House for the Down Trodden (Serbithang)


Five dogs were sterilized on 6th August of which 3 were female and other 2 males. Three more dogs were sterilized the other day of which 1 was female and other 2 were males. The dogs that underwent Sterilizations are all doing well and they are active as usual.

Thank you Humane Society International and National Veterinary Hospital for your unending support.


First Ever Fostered Pet

A resident from Thimphu have volunteered to foster a puppy named “Baby” from our shelter for the very first time. She and her daughter has agreed to give “Baby” a home to care, love and attention he needs for 10 days and "Baby" will be back to shelter. This is our first foster and we hope that many Animal lovers will come forward to give such humane attention to the animals  hereafter.

RSPCA expresses our heartfelt gratitude to all those animal lovers across the country. 

Updates on shelter renovation

The ongoing work on shelter renovation and repair is nearing to its completion. Following renovation works are under good progress till date;

  1.  Drain for existing kitchen

  2. Concrete Foot path leading to the shelter from the entrance gate.

  3. RSPCA shelter Sign Board, Painting work under process.

  4. Single Water tape.

  5. Gravelling and soiling the shelter parking lot in front the entrance gate.


RTC Students Visits The House For The Down Trodden

RTC students Visit the shelter.jpg

On 25th August, we had a group of students from Royal Thimphu College Visiting the shelter. They were 5th semester students of Political Science and Sociology on their study tour to learn more about the Civil Society Organizations on its benefits and hurdles as a part of their project work and assignment. RSPCA is their first among many CSOs that they have visited.

They fed the dogs, played around with them and some of them have volunteered to visit the shelter during the weekends to clean the shelter and wash the dogs.

RSPCA team was also invited on a convenient date to come and give a presentation on the activities of the organisation. And potentially form an "Animal Lovers Club" at the college.

Briefing RTC student on RSPCA.jpg
Taking pictures with dogs..jpg
Student feeding Dogs.jpg

Advocacy tour to South and Eastern Bhutan

RSPCA team headed by Executive Director started our advocacy tour from the 16th of September 2018 along with a team of volunteers to advocate against animal maltreatment, canine related diseases and with the aim to form an animal lovers club in 19 schools and
colleges in Pemagatshel, Samdrup Jongkhar and Chukha Districts. The team returned on the 25th of September.
Advocacy in Pemagatshel District. Our team, accompanied by the District Veterinary Doctor kick started our first presentation in Pemagatshel Gonpasingme Lower Secondary School on 18th September 2018 and had a successful interactive session with more than 160 students and teachers - this school is for special children. The students and teachers were receptive and it was a wonderful start for the team. On the same day the team visited Pema Gatshel Middle Secondary School, where around 300 students and teacher attended the talk. Followed by Khotakpa primary school where the talk was attended by 100 students and teachers. The team rounded off the talk with presentation in Nangkor Higher Secondary School with the largest number of audience of 700 students and teachers.
The visit to Pema Gatshel Dzongkhag was a successful event. However most of the School will only be able to form an Animal lover’s club from the start of the next academic year.
On 19th September, the team traveled to Samdrup Jongkar for 10 hours. The next day the team advocated to the students and teachers of three Schools in Samdrup Jongkhar - S/Jongkhar Middle secondary school, Garpawoong middle Secondary School and Dewathang Primary School. Our team was accompanied by S/Jongkhar District Veterinary Doctor. Overall, the Schools in S/Jongkhar showed great interest towards the formation of Animal Lover’s Club. The students also showed great interest towards the awareness of Rabies, the importance of anti-rabies vaccination, sterilization and responsible pet and community ownership. Over all the team met and interacted with 1000 students.
After traveling for 20 hours the team reached Chhukha Dzongkhag. Following day the team met and interacted with the students and lecturers of Gedu College of Business Studies: Our team was warmly received by the President and Students of GCBS and the discussions took
place on vegetarianism, community ownership, impounding of dogs, forming of animal lover’s club and importance of sterilization and anti-rabies vaccination. The President expressed her interest and encouragement to form and initiate the Animal Lover’s Club in the college from the beginning of academic year 2019. It was also heartwarming to see that the college was already taking care of stray dogs in their campus.
The following day the team met with students and teachers of Phuentsholing Middle Secondary School. Here too the Principal expressed their interest to form an Animal Lovers
Club at the start of the new academic year, 2019.
The team ended the advocacy tour with the College of Science and Technology where the audience turnover was more than 300. 
Thank you Principals and Students for the support and encouragement.



RSPCA Celebrated World Rabies Day at the RSPCA Shelter - House for the Downtrodden with students from ELC. 
18 Students along with 2 teachers from ELC School visited the House for the Downtrodden. The students were actively involved in cleaning the shelter, grooming and cooking meal for the dogs. The RSPCA team also created awareness on rabies and the preventive measures to be taken. We had a very fruitful World Rabies Day celebration with the ELC family at our shelter.
Thank you ELC team for being so thoughtful and for visiting our shelter.


Advocacy on Animal Welfare at Etho Metho Primary School


On 25 October 2018, RSPCA in collaboration with JANGSA and @National Veterinary Hospital went to Etho Metho Primary School to Advocate on Animal Welfare. We were warmly welcomed by the Principal, Teachers and students of the school. The Program started with a Kuzu-zangpo song by Tshering Dorji and was followed by various Theatre act on 1/ The signs that stray dogs show before biting 2/ Reasons why stray dogs bite 3/ Five types of Risky Dogs 4/ and The importance of sterilization and on Community Ownership performed by Tshering Dorji and his team.

Thank you Jangsa Animal Saving Trust for involving us in such a wonderful program and Etho Metho Primary School for having us there.


Advocacy on Animal Welfare at Little Dragon School


Today RSPCA with Jangsa Animal Saving Trust and National Veterinary Hospital went to Little dragons school to Advocate on Animal Welfare, vegetarianism, how to avoid biting dogs, first aid and to also understand from the Dogs point of view. Mr. Tshering Dorji and his team conveyed the message through the Theater act and interactive sessions, making it fun and communicate the message.

We are very grateful to Little Dragon School for such a wonderful opportunity and for introducing us to this young group that are animal advocates in the making and are going to make a difference in the lives of needy animals. 
The response from the children were amazing.



Advocacy on Animal Welfare at Sunshine School

Today morning, The team from RSPCA, Jangsa Animal Saving Trust and National Veterinary Hospital headed towards Sunshine school where we got to meet with lots of animal lovers. The school started the day with national anthem and we started off with our advocacy plan.

Our Energetic and fun loving Mr. Tshering Dorji and his team conveyed the message through the Theater act and interactive sessions for proper understanding. Towards the end, we were very surprised to get a performance by the children.

Thank you Sunshine School for having us today and for the wonderful time.

Angay The rescued Dog

“Angay” an old female dog, was rescued by two dog lovers from main Thimphu town after she was hit by a car. Her front feet were severely damaged. The couple called RSPCA for help late evening on 8th November. She was given immediate treatment at the National Veterinary
Hospital and after care was given by our RSPCA Team and Jangsa. Angay is now slowly recovering and will be discharged soon.


Little Ghost Sponsored

We are very happy to share the good news that one of the puppies rescued from Buddha point has been sponsored by a kind soul from Singapore, Mr. Wiris William and he has been named “ Ghost”.
Thank you Mr. Wiris for sponsoring one of the puppies and taking a step for making his life better.


Donation Received for the purchase of Rescue Pik Up

Thank you JIGME MINING CORPORATION for your generous donation towards our SEED FUND to purchase a PICK UP Truck to help us with our rescue activities.  We hope that many kind souls will contribute to enable us to purchase.


Hon'ble Minister, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests visits our House for the Downtrodden.

Thank you Hon'ble Minister, H.E. Mr. Yeshey Penjor, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests for taking out time to visit our House for the Downtrodden, RSPCA animal shelter 🐶 and Jangsa's Animal Shelter la 🙌 we are sincerely grateful for your Excellency's interest in our work la 🙏 we look forward to a productive working relationship 🌸🐾


Thank you, Madam "Hakee Om Dorji"


Thank you for your generous donation and support 🙌#Druk Asia#friends of Bhutan#giving back to the community#big hearts #animal lovers #friends of RSPCA 🐾

Celebrating His Majesty's 39th Birth Anniversary.

k5 bday.jpg

Thank you YGD volunteers for your time and energy.  #House for the Downtrodden#RSPCA#grateful souls 

Thank you for your artistic touch  #YGD Volunteers#House for the Downtrodden#RSPCA Shelter#animal lovers#animals also need love and care 🐾


 All these wonderful paintings, the sales proceeds goes to RSPCA , thank you  BhutanBikeWear  for your wonderful soul  


Thank you,  thank you generous souls for making it easier to help more animals#we have a car#yaay#animal lovers #friends of RSPCA 

RSPCA celebrated its founding day with a simple cake cutting on the 17th of  March 2019 with its Board Members.


17 years after its establishment, the Shelter has housed more than 3500 Animals, Sterilized more than 600 dogs treated 3360 dogs and vaccinated 2051 dog over the years. Today the Shelter houses 96 stray dogs, 2 Cows and 16 Puppies. 
We the RSPCA team would like to express our gratitude to our Royal Patron Her Majesty Gyalyum Tshering Yangdon Wangchuk, Board of Trustees and all our Donors, supporters, members and friends of our organisation for their love & Support.

Young Gyekued Drukdra Volunteers celebrating His Eminence's birthday at the shelter

 Happy Birthday your Eminence . Thank you for your blessings.


Mass Dog Sterilization Campaign, Thimphu

RSPCA in collaboration with Human Society International (HSI) and Department of Livestock (DoL) for 12 days in Thimphu Thromde from April 2 - 13 2019,  is successfully completed. With the support from community, schools and pet owners we could sterilize 367 dogs and 48 cats through this campaign. The RSPCA management would like to express our gratitude to the Vet doctors from National Veterinary Hospital, Rescue and treatment team from HSI and all the supporters. We look forward for the same support for the upcoming campaigns in other Dzongkhags. :) <3 ;)


 Advocacy and Awareness Program at Haa Dzongkhag.

6th-8th May 2019.

RSPCA team started 3 days advocacy at Haa from 6th-8th May 2019. The Objective of this Program is to form an animal lovers club in the schools, to advocate against animal maltreatment, Create Awareness on canine related diseases, and also to Support Mass Dog Sterilization and Vaccination Campaign and to sensitize People on CNVR Programs.

6th May, 2019

The team visited Chundu Army Welfare Public School and Katsho Lower Secondary School and advocated against animal maltreatment, canine related diseases, moral sense of responsibility towards waste management and responsible pet ownership. The Team met and advocated more than 800 Students from Chundu Army Welfare Public School and 100 students from Katsho Lower Secondary School. The team urged the Schools to form an Animal Lovers Club.


Katsho Lower Secondary School

Chundu Army Welfare Public School

7th May, 2019

The team visited Jamphel Higher Secondary, Damthang Primary School, Jyenkhana Lower Secondary School and Ugyen Dorji Higher Secondary school for advocacy and awareness program. More than 750 students were and 70 teachers attended the program.


Mass Dog Sterilization and Vaccination Campaign (Haa Dzongkhag).

RSPCA in Collaboration with Department of Livestock and Haa Dzongkhag Veterinary Hospital carried out Dog Population Management and Advocacy Campaign in Haa for two weeks. The Mass sterilization campaign started on the 6th of May 2019 and ended on the 18th of May.


8th May, 2019

The advocacy in Haa Dzongkhag ended with Jyenkhana Primary school where more than 300 students and 15 teachers attended the program. Total we attended 7 schools where about 1536 students attended.

RSPCA joins the nation in mourning the loss of a national treasure Yab Dasho Ugyen Dorji 


we offer our deepest condolences to our Royal Family  (Picture courtesy: Queen Jetsun Pema Instagram Page) 

For our beloved Late Yab Dasho Ugyen Dorji 7th day


For our Beloved late Yab Dasho Ugyen Dorji 14th day 


Advocacy and CNVR Program at Paro Dzongkhag.

RSPCA in collaboration with Department of Livestock and Paro Dzongkhag Veterinary Hospital started its Dog population Management, anti-rabies vaccination and awareness campaign in Paro Dzongkhag for two weeks. The campaign started on 20th of May and will end on 30th May. Advocacy program covered in 29 schools in coordination with the District Education Officer. 
This activity is funded by European Union and HELVETAS Swiss Intercorporation, Bhutan.

On 20th May 2019

 RSPCA team kick started the advocacy programme in Khangu MSS and Woochu LSS. More than 700 students were advocated on dog population management, anti-rabies vaccination and created awareness on dog bites and canine related diseases.


Advocacy in Khangu MSS


Advocacy in Woochu LSS.


21-22nd May 2019

The advocacy programme on animal welfare, how to avoid dog bits and dog sterilization campaign at Paro by RSPCA team accompanied by Dzongkhag education Officer covered 8 schools (Drugyel LSS, Wangsel Institude, Gonitshawa PS, Ramchetsekha PS, Shari HSS, Doeteng LSS, Olathang PS and Lango MSS) and reacged to more than 2700 students. Simultaneously, the RSPCA team in Collaboration with DoL sterilized 58 dogs and 13 cats.

Advocacay at Olathang PS

27-28th May 2019

Advocacy team covered 7 Schools ( Dawakha LSS, Wanakha CS, Bitekha MSS, Isuna PS, Shaba HSS, Shaba PS, and K.Gangri PS and reached to 1726 students and 103 teachers. Simultaneously, the RSPCA team in collaboration with DoL and Paro Dzongkhag Veterinary Hospital Sterilized 12 cats and 84 dogs.  

Advocacy at Shaba HS

29th May-1st June 2019

Advocacy team covered 9 Schools (Utpal HSS, Utpal PS, Drugyel HSS, Yoedzerling PS, Goupel LSS, Taju PS, Thugsel PS, Karma Academy, Royal Academy) and reached to 2940 students and 90 teachers. Simultaneously, the RSPCA team in collaboration with DoL and Paro Dzongkhag Veterinary Hospital Sterilized 3 cats and 77 dogs.

Sterilization & Vaccination Campaign, Paro

Advocacy team covered 26 Schools in Paro Dzongkhag and sensitized to more than 8066 students. The Sterilization team have sterilized 219 Dogs and 33 cats in 11 working Days.Advocacy team covered 26 Schools in Paro Dzongkhag and sensitized to more than 8066 students. The Sterilization team have sterilized 219 Dogs and 33 cats in 11 working Days.

Advocacy at Wangdue

Advocacy on animal welfare, how to avoid dog bites and Mass Dog Sterilisation & anti rabies vaccination campaign in Wangdue Phodrang Dzongkhag

04th June,  2019

Our advocacy team accompanied by Chief Dzongkhag Education Officer and the Regional Veterinary Officer kick started the programme with Bajo HSS, Wangdi PS, Tencholing PS and Rinchengang PS where more than 2000 students and 200 teachers were reached. 
Simultaneously our sterilization team lead by the District Veterinary Officer sterilized 21 dogs from Bajo Town. 

8th June, 2019The advocacy on animal welfare awareness programme and Community Animal Birth Control (CABC) programme in Wangduephodrang Dzongkhag completed successfully  with full support from the Dzongkhag.
The advocacy team have successfully reached 20 schools and one Shedra for the awareness on animal welfare and sensitized to more than 4900 students and 300 teachers.


Sterilization & Vaccination Campaign, Bajo

The sterilization team have sterilized a total of 130 dogs and a cat with the support from Wangdi District Veterinary Hospital. 
We would like to thank Dasho Dzongda, Dzongkhag Education Officers, Dzongkhag Livestock Officer and Dzongkhag Veterinary Officer for your warm support.

The Project is funded by European Union, Helvetas Swiss Intercoporation, Bhutan. @ Wangdiphodrang

Advocacy and Mass Dog Sterilization in Punakha Dzongkhag.

The advocacy on animal welfare and Community Animal Birth Control (CABC) Programme in Punakha Dzongkhag started  with support from Punakha Dzongkhag on 10th June, 2019. Our advocacy team accompanied by Dzongkhag Deputy Education Officer kick started the programme with Goenshari PS, kabesa MSS and Logodama PS where more than 580 students and 35 teachers were reached. Simultaneously our sterilization team lead by the District Veterinary Officer sterilized 27 dogs from Dzomlingthang, Changyul, Police camp and Hospital area. 


Advocacy at  Goenshari PS, Kabesa MS & Logodama PS. 

Sterilization Campaign from Dzomlingthang, Changyul, Police camp & Hospital area.


11th and 12th June, 2019

our advocacy team accompanied by Dzongkhag Deputy Education Officer, reached 8 Schools (Bjibjokha LSS, Nawakha PS, Shegana LSS, Khuruthang MSS, Walathang PS, Mendhagang PS, Tashidingkha CS & Tshochasa PS) sensitising 1709 students and 155 teachers on animal welfare and Community Animal Birth Control (CABC) & sterilization team sterilized 46 dogs and 2 cats in the last two days from Dzong, Shedra, Dratshang, Nursery, Khuruthang, veg market and VTI area.

On 15th June,2019

The advocacy on animal welfare awareness programme and Community Animal Birth Control (CABC) programme in Punakha Dzongkhag completed successfully with full support from the Dzongkhag.
The advocacy team have successfully reached 17 schools for the awareness on animal welfare and sensitized to more than 4600 students and 200 teachers and support staffs.

The sterilization team have sterilized a total of 143 dogs and 2 cats with the support from Punakha District Veterinary Hospital. 
We would like to thank Dasho Dzongda, Dzongkhag Education Officers and Dzongkhag Veterinary Officer for your warm support.

The Project is funded by European Union, Helvetas Swiss Intercoporation, Bhutan @ Punakha


RSPCA family would like to join the nation to wish

Her Majesty the Queen Mother,

Gyalyum Tshering Yangdön Wangchuck

(Patron) a joyous 60th birthday.


We would like to pay our deepest respect, heartfelt gratitude and prayers for Her Majesty's good health and long life.



RSPCA Family joins in wishing His Holiness CHABJEY NAMKHEY NINGPO RINPOCHE Happy birthday laa.

RSPCA would like to thank Aum Deki Rabgye for her generous donation of nu.20,000/- for our shelter animals. We are greatful to her for making a difference in the lives of our animals🙏. Thank you for your Support🙏.
#AnimalsareourFriends #friendofRSPCA


shelter beautification


On 20/07/2019, we were accompanied by 18 volunteers, taking their time out to help us beautify our shelter home, located in serbithang. The weather itself was in our favor, which made us easier to work without any difficulties. Moreover, the team work within ourselves was the best part of the day. Environment was filled with laughter and commitment to gift our downtrodden a clean and beautiful surrounding. RSPCA is grateful to all the volunteers for working selflessly for the benefit of these downtrodden.